Pink Magic Crystal Ball Charm with Clip, Goth, Gothic Pet Accessories, Zipper Pull, Collar Charms


Acrylic Bow Charm with Clip, Pick Your Color, Pet Collar Charms, Bows for Pets, Zipper Pulls


Iridescent Swarovski Pearl Clip-on Charm, Zipper Pulls, Handbag Charms, Pet Jewelry


Blue Sand Bead Charm, Crystal Charm, Zipper Pull, Charm with Clip


Evil Eye Charm for Dog and Cat, Bright Blue, Pet Accessories, Handbag Charms


Mint Green Heart Bead Charm, Pet Accessories, Handbag Charms, Photo Props


Kawaii Zipper Pull, Cat Collar Charm, Pink, Club Symbol, Playing Cards, Stainless Steel


Hematite Bead Charm, Crystals, Healing, Pet Accessories, Zipper Pull, Clip on Charms


Blue Swarovski Pearl Charm, Stainless Steel, Pet Accessories, Zipper Pull


Hot Pink Star Bead Charm with Stainless Steel Clip, Zipper Pull, Kawaii, Pet Accessories


Reflective Pet Collar Charm, Clip on Charm, Pet Accessories, Cat Jewelry


Candy Bead Clip On Charm with Bell, Pink, Purple - Pet Accessories, Zipper Pulls


Aqua Blue Pet Collar Bell Charm, Handmade, Stainless Steel, Zipper Pull


Seashell Pet Collar Charm, Red, Silver, Handmade, Zipper Pull


Rainbow bead bell charm for Cats, Pet accessories, Zipper Pull, Removable


Sebby's Corner

Sebby's Corner is a Pet Boutique inspired by Sebby and his pawesome friends.

Here you will find a collection of handmade charms for your babies; from unique beads, adjustable collars, hand sewn bow ties for cats and small dogs, to bells and handcrafted resin charms.

Cat Mamas and Daddies can also use these charms as bag charms, pendants, or zipper pulls too!