Pride is Gold Bow Tie for Pets, Slide on Bow, Removable Bow Tie, Pet Clothing, Pet Jewelry


Carnival Cutie Bow Tie for Cats, Pet Fashion, Pet Jewelry, Colorful


Moon Child Bow Tie for Cats, Pet Fashion, Photo Props, Small Dog Accessories


Sassy Sweetheart Polka Dot Bow for Cats, Green, Pink, Pet Fashion, Cat Accessories


I Heart Fashion Bow Tie for Cats, Multicolor Print, Pet Accessories, Slide on, Removable


Queen of the Gods, Bow Tie for Cats, Green, Peacock feather print, Pet Accessories


Sebby's Corner

Sebby's Corner is a Pet Boutique inspired by Sebby and his pawesome friends.

Here you will find a collection of handmade charms for your babies; from unique beads, adjustable collars, hand sewn bow ties for cats and small dogs, to bells and handcrafted resin charms.

Cat Mamas and Daddies can also use these charms as bag charms, pendants, or zipper pulls too!