A fateful encounter!


My name is Andie, creator behind the kawaii jewelry line Gatumi! ^^

I've always been fascinated by crafts, with jewelry-making being my passion. Little did I know that meeting my adorable cat Sebastian (also known as Sebby), would give me a new purpose in crafting.

Sebby and I met thanks to my mom, who gave me the greatest gift I could ask for at a very difficult time in my life.

From then onward I was inspired to embark on new adventures; from taking fun photographs, to communicating with his sweet fur friends all across the globe to creating jewelry... for kitties! xD

After several months of crafting various accessories, like bow ties and pet collar charms, "Sebby's Corner" was eventually launched in the Summer of 2018 with the encouragement of his best buddy Chuck Bass, who was actually his first friend to rock our kitty jewelry.

The aim of this store is to provide you a fun and friendly shopping experience, offering a huge variety of accessories, while providing all the possible details you may need (like measurements, close up photos etc.) to make it as good as we possibly can!

As in my jewelry brand, each and every piece is handcrafted/ hand sewn/ assembled by me, and is subject to thorough quality control. Things I like to take into account while creating is always seeking materials that can withstand time, transforming them into accessories that will not only make a statement, but also look flattering!

It's amazing how much color and character an accessory can bring into pet photography and we hope that you enjoy shopping in our Pet Boutique.

Most of the accessories cater for cats, kittens and smaller dog breeds. However some of the bigger charms can be worn by our larger fur friends too, or even worn by humans as pendants, zipper pulls, bracelet charms and more.

If you would like to see photos of our dearest friends wearing their accessories from Sebby's Corner, make sure to visit our instagram profile @sebbyscorner

Thank you for your time!

Sending you kitty hugs and our best wishes,
Andie and Sebby

Sebby's Corner

Sebby's Corner is a Pet Boutique inspired by Sebby and his pawesome friends.

Here you will find a collection of handmade charms for your babies; from unique beads, adjustable collars, hand sewn bow ties for cats and small dogs, to bells and handcrafted resin charms.

Cat Mamas and Daddies can also use these charms as bag charms, pendants, or zipper pulls too!